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Android - Music playback stops after each song
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Autor:  gogen [ 14 lip 2018, 12:30 ]
Tytuł:  Android - Music playback stops after each song


I have both an Android phone (Samsung Exhibit II) and an iPad2. I access the music files I have on my TonidoPlug2 via my local network (as opposed to 4G). I notice that the iPad app works wonderfully. After each song the next one starts. However with the Android app after each song is finished the next one shows up, but it doesn't play unless I press the play button. Something else that I've noticed is that when a song finishes and the next one shows up on the display it shows 19059:21 for both the song length and the current position in the song. Once I press the play button, then the times correct and look normal.

Is this a known problem? I did a search through the forum and didn't see it mentioned recently. I have the most up-to-date Android app.One additional question, is there any plan to add a position bar in the Android app like in the iPad app so you can quickly seek to a position in the song? Currently on the Android version there is no way to seek within a song. You can only go to the next song or previous song, but not move within a song.

Please help

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