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Why is gapless song playback so difficult?
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Autor:  gogen [ 05 cze 2018, 7:41 ]
Tytuł:  Why is gapless song playback so difficult?


My iPod drives me crazy. When I listen to Dark Side of the Moon, or a live album, or anything where the tracks are supposed to transition seamlessly, I get a slight pause of no sound.iTunes seems to be nearly as inept in this issue, although setting a minmal crossfade helps.
Why is this so difficult? I recall in my days of using winamp that it too had a problem of gaps between songs. What makes it hard to play track 2 instantly after track 1 is finished?Are there other players out there for which I can listen to Dark Side of the Moon without a fucking gap? I seem to like iTunes and my iPod except for this issue.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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