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Physics peeps, help me solve a cooking problem
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Autor:  MichaelSmith [ 15 maja 2018, 7:12 ]
Tytuł:  Physics peeps, help me solve a cooking problem


Baking directions for above 3500 feet calls for an increase of flour by .25 cup, and an increase of water from 3 tablespoons to .25 cup, with no change in the baking temperature. The problem is that the brownies come out dry and crumbly.I'm thinking this is due to one thing: being about 3000 feet higher than even the high altitude recipe directs. That much higher, and water boils out more rapidly, since it has a lower boiling temperature, leading to more moisture loss. Water turns to vapor at 199.5 degrees at this altitude.

That leaves me with two conclusions: leave the flour amount the same and increase the water, which might result in a mushy brownie, or increase the flour AND the water by.25 a cup (being that we're about twice the altitude stated in the high altitude directions) which might create the "proper" texture once baked. The idea is that having water bound to the mixture in the proper ratio will result in a brownie with the "proper" texture, or just increasing the water will result in bringing everything into balance.But, I have no control sample, that being at sea level to know what that proper texture and consistency is. So, we have two options:
One, someone can bake up a batch of brownies at sea level and post their observations, or two, you physics guys can tell me if I'm barking up the wrong tree.

Please help

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https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic ... 3&t=122261
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