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Baking help??
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Autor:  MichaelSmith [ 08 maja 2018, 15:12 ]
Tytuł:  Baking help??

Hello everyne,

hope you are having as good a day as you can.I wanted to know if any of you have any advice/hints/tips or even recipies.
I used to LOVE bking, i used to bake something almost every day, and now i havn't baked for years - not like what i used to at all.
Anyway, im determined to try and make a sticky toffee pudding today - never made one before and im aware that it will possibly kill me, (or at least feel like it) but im stubborn and i think sometimes a bit of what you fancy (although it may hurt at the time and for days after) may do you good and help me feel a sense of achievement.

Please help

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