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Halloween, costume parties & adult costumes
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Autor:  gogen [ 14 lip 2018, 12:26 ]
Tytuł:  Halloween, costume parties & adult costumes

Hello All,

While I have children who partake in the festivities of costuming and trick-or-treating I enjoy dressing-up myself for the tour of the neighborhood. Last year we also attended a costume party. I put together an easy Einstein costume last year. A few years ago I used one of those Mexican ponchos, a sombrero and a long mustache to go as "Pedro" you know from the South of the border billboards on interstate 95? That tourist trap between North Carolina and South Carolina? For this year I was thinking about the below "Baseball Furies" from the movie "The Warriors":Looks pretty easy, there are companies selling shirts with the furies logo already on it, or if you already have a pinstripe shirt a patch to iron on.Pretty easy and cool, it allows for a little creativity in that I can use Baltimore Orioles colors on the face paint and my O's cap. So do any of you partake in the Halloween festivities? What costume ideas do you have this year?

Please help

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